Who we are

Ultimate Merchant Providers is a company you can trust will give the maximum in service. We give nothing less than the best.

And we’re not just saying that.

From the very beginning, our crew has set out to stand apart from the rest. We strive to be exceptional with everything we offer. That’s why you won’t have to go anywhere else to get a merchant account and start accepting credit debit cards.

We called ourselves Ultimate Merchant Providers for a reason. When you come to us, we give you the ultimate experience any business owner looking for better payment processing options can benefit from.

What we offer

Not sure exactly what it is we provide?

In a nutshell, our service includes finding you the three top payment processor companies best matched for your business and having them contact you directly. These are the people you need to talk to if you want to start accepting credit cards, especially with a high risk merchant acount. We connect you to them. It’s pretty straightforward.

Our services are meant to make looking for a merchant account as simple as possible.

Let us help

Figuring out which processor to apply with isn’t easy. Then there’s the challenge of getting approved. Let us help you. We make it painless to find and get approved with the best processors.

You won’t need to go from one merchant account site to the next, to the next, in search of the perfect company that is also willing to approve you for payment processing services. We know the pursuit of a merchant account can end up feeling more like a wild-goose chase than anything. And we don’t want that for you.

Don’t fret if you’re high risk

If you’re a high risk merchant and several processors refuse to work with you it can be exceedingly discouraging. With our services, you don’t have to worry about finding the specific processors fit for your industry and the ones within that group who are willing to work with you.

We know which ones will be able to approve you and which ones won’t. Our knowledge of existing processors and their guidelines is extensive and won’t let you down.

Essentially, we do the weeding out process for you so that you can quickly get yourself set up with an account and improved payment options whether you’re high risk or not.

Our history

Ultimate Merchant Providers was created in hopes of taking away the challenges behind getting a merchant account. The company’s goal was to provide convenient and knowledgeable assistance to all types of businesses — big or small, new or old, “risky” or “safe” — without exception.

By maintaining high standards for quality service, and by constantly aiming to improve in all ways they that they can, Ultimate Merchant Provides has steadily grown to be a prominent solution for business owners everywhere. The company has already helped countless people acquire the merchant account they needed in order to accept credit and debit.

More and more merchants are seeing the value in getting their ideal account fast. With our help, it takes just 48 hours and they’re already processing transactions. Ultimate Merchant Providers is proud to say they’ve had a part in helping all sorts of businesses build success by getting them better, more convenient payment options for their customers.

Our values

What’s most important to us? Firstly, we are committed to integrity. We want to be the company merchants can trust for honest help and assistance. We are also defined by our constant willingness to develop and improve. We’re not afraid of change because we know there are always ways we can do better. Last but not least, we aim to go all out for our customers.

We take quality service seriously and we hope that you notice.

Our customers matter to us

We actually take care of our customers and want them to be happy with the services they come for. We want you to see that we truly supply the best type of assistance for merchants.

And we want to see you succeed.

When it comes to our responsibilities and your business, we don’t mess around. We’re going to be honest and direct. We’re not just going to tell you what you want to hear. Because we have your best interest in mind, we’ll tell you straight which are the best options for your industry and how you can get the payment options you want. Nothing less.

So, who are we? Frankly, we are just people who want to help you and your business build success.

Why choose us

We are different from the average merchant account sites out there. Our whole premise comes from wanting to help business owners like you get a good start — a leg up, so to speak — so that they can make progress and grow the same way we have.

How many other merchant sites seem to really care about their customer base? There might be some that claim to care, but they are never truly dedicated to helping others achieve success the way we are.

We only put you in touch with the best options for your business. Nothing but the best. Other sites may not care enough to customize their processor selections for their customers and they may choose low-quality, unreliable processor solutions as well. You can avoid that possibility by choosing us.

Our contact form

Want us to help you find your ideal payment processors?

All you need to do is fill out the contact form at the top of this page. With the information you give us, our moderators will be able to zero in on which companies are the three best suited to you.

Within 30 minutes of you signing up, a representative will call or email you directly and you can choose to get your account set up. Then, within just 24 – 48 hours your account can be up and running, ready for transactions to come through.

You’ll be ready to process credit cards and other modern forms of payment instantly.

Ready to open up your customer base?

We’re ready to do the hard work for you. Start accepting credit cards and more customers. All you need is an account.

Sign up with us now to hear from a representative within 30 minutes and get your merchant account from the best payment processors for your business.

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