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When you’re running your own business, you’re in charge of everything from the big picture stuff to making sure every little detail is done right.

Ultimate Merchant Services is dedicated to helping your business ensure that payment is never a problem by helping you select the very best payment processing company to fit your needs as you move forward into accepting credit and debit cards.

Your Time is Valuable

Chasing down the right payment processor can be an exhausting and frustrating affair. Even if you had a list in front of you of every company that offers these services, how would you know where to start? Who to trust? Anyone with half a semester of Web design skills can put together a convincing business front on the Internet, but how do you know how reliable their service is beyond the razzle-dazzle of their home page?

We seek out and deliver payment solutions and products designed specifically to grow your business. When you partner with us, we’ll gather all the most important details of your business – industry, region, volume of sales, etc., and put them to work in our patented, original algorithm to make an exacting, widespread search for the payment processors who fit your specific business needs perfectly.

Our expertise comes in our relationships with these financial service organizations. We know which ones you can trust, which ones you can rely on, and which ones aren’t worth your hard-earned money or time.

Your Voice, Our Words

But while other search agents will simply spit out a computer-generated list and email it to you (after taking your fee, of course), Ultimate Merchant Services sets itself apart by acting as your advocate in reaching out to the processing companies at the top of the list and touching base with them on you, your business, and what your wants and needs are.

Payment processing is something that very few people know about outside of the industry, and many companies will use that to take advantage of small and first-time business owners. If you don’t know the industry standard for how much each payment processing fee should be, how can you tell the difference between an honest company that wants your business as a partner and a greedy company that wants your money and doesn’t really care about providing you A+ service?

We know the ins and outs of the payment processing industry, and more importantly, the processor companies know that we know. Those who would seek to oversell you, charge you ridiculous fees for false services, or make promises on products that are impossible to keep, will never even get a foot in the door of your business.

Consider us your payment processor bouncer. We keep the riff-raff out in the alley while allowing in only the candidate companies that both you and we deem worthy of being seen.

When Your Business is Deemed “High Risk”

Once upon a time, the powers that be in the financial world decided to slap the unnecessary and unfair label “High Risk” on any business they deemed to have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • An increased risk of fraud
  • A high turnover rate
  • A high credit rate
  • In a new/unproven industry
  • Sell to international customers
  • Owned by someone with a low credit score

The truth of the matter is that most financial institutions, payment processing companies among them, do business solely based on risk-reward  balances. They’d rather stay with their conservative approaches of making small amounts of money than do anything that their dated economic formulas say falls outside a strict set of parameters.

This closed-mindedness might keep the big boys making their expected margins every quarter, but it is both a disservice and a detriment to the business owners of America, a country built on innovators taking risks, rolling the dice, and building new industries to service new needs. What kind of businesses like yours fall under the category definition of “high risk merchant accounts”? It might surprise you to learn that list includes the likes of airlines, Amazon and eBay stores, casinos,  financial consultants, international shipping companies, software downloads, pawn shops, social networking sites, and collection agency processing. Basically, services that we challenge you to find a person who hasn’t used at least one of them this month, and more likely this week.

The fact of the matter is, plenty of payment processors won’t even consider your business as a customer if it’s been pre-designated “high risk,” without you even having five seconds to explain why it’s not. They’d rather take the easy, safe road based on economics rather than listen to the human side of things.

Fortunately, we have an entire database of payment processing companies that are more than willing to work with “high risk” designated businesses,  and we will work with you to make their guidelines and requirements easy to understand and easy to fulfill so you aren’t wasting precious man-hours completing pages of forms only to be denied.  We are confident that regardless of the reason your business has been designated as a high risk merchant account, we can find the payment processing solution that works best for you.

Where Do We Get Our Information From?

Small staff, fierce commitment, willing to do whatever it takes to customers happy. Sound familiar? If it sounds like a great description of your business, we have more in common than you know.  The superstars of our company are our research team, which is working each and every day to ensure that we know every single bit of information possible about every single processor out there. This isn’t the old days when a merchant guide would be published annually and be the gold standard until the same time next year. Our research team is in constant contact with the processing community, updating our databases, watching industry trends, and upgrading or downgrading companies based on the decisions they make, what their customers are saying, and the results of our own interactions with them. We value your input here as well. Customer satisfaction is the lifeline of our business, and the thing we pride ourselves on above all else.

You know your business, that’s why you’re the boss; and we know ours, and that’s why we’re the experts in the field. Let us work for you, to ensure that you’re company’s financial future is worry-free from this day forward.

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